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The spellbinding destination, Meteora in Greece is known for the series of large pillars of rock which seem to be suspended in air. Some of these rocks stand entirely on their own while others create beautiful valleys with the hillside. Next to the unique rock formations, this place is famous because of its fascinating history, amazing monasteries and natural landscape. The Meteora tour offers you a chance to explore places with amazing religious sites that have preserved the traditions of the monks of medieval ages, as well as unique spots like hermit caves. Apart from the beautiful landscape, the next best thing which attracts tourists to travel from all over the world are the orthodox Greek monasteries. These monasteries are nestled on the unique rock formations of Meteora from the middle ages.

The Meteora Monasteries tour includes the six active monasteries which are home to several monks and nuns. The incredible view that visitors enjoy as these ancient monasteries appear to be suspended in air while sitting on the narrow pillars of rock is a site not to be missed. Although Meteora is not a very convenient destination to reach, it is a gem in Greece that should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Book Meteora Tour Online

Booking the Meteora Tour online from us is one of the best ways to plan a fascinating vacation to this unique destination. Not only it allows the user to book their ticket on their preferred date but it also offers them a lot of amazing discounts and deals. Some of the Meteora tour packages also include round trip tickets for transport and combo tickets of nearby attractions. Further, the entire booking process with us is made hasslefree with great customer service.

Besides history, architecture and spirituality, visitors here are greeted by the glory and unique views of the countryside of Greece during their Meteora Monasteries tour. Their journey also includes a stop at the Kalambaka town, which is situated close to the gigantic Meteora rock formations. Visitors will spend hours exploring the stunning monasteries that were built hundreds of years ago and have withstood the most harsh weathers, the tales of time and more. As the tourists reach the summit of these rocks they will get to enjoy the most stunning view of their life, with rare landscapes surrounding the even more unique rock formations.

Meteora Tour Package Options

Meteora Sunset Tour

This Meteora Tour is best enjoyed after the masses of tourists have left the rock formations and the sun is about to set, revealing vibrant and picture worthy views of this place. The tour also lets you explore one of the open monasteries from the inside and view the outer facade of all six monasteries. The tour includes an English speaking local guide who accompanies the group from hotel pick up and gives them insight about local traditions, myths and history. Tourists even get to visit the Byzantine church of virgin Mary as well as the Hermit caves of Badova.

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Meteora Half-day Sightseeing Tour

The Meteora Half day sightseeing tour includes a visit to 3 of the main active monasteries, giving them insight of the rich cultural, historical and religious traditions of this place. As the tourists take in the view of the natural beauty of the rock formations and their surrounding landscapes, they are left in awe of nature's peculiar creations. Touring the monasteries provides them an insight into the dark ages, and the time of the first monks who established these religious centre’s. The package includes transfer services, accompanied by an expert English speaking local guide.

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Meteora Mid Day Tour from Train

Opting this Meteora tour package, lets visitors get to see all the monasteries that are nestled on the rock formation. They also get to explore three of the main monasteries from inside and learn about their history as well as their cultural significance. In addition to this, the tourists also get to see the hermit caves of Badovas, and explore as well learn more about the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The package includes transfer services, free maps as well as a local English speaking guide.

Meteora Private Sunset Tour

The Meteora Monasteries with private sunset tours are great for tourists who wish to modify their itinerary according to their personal preferences and schedule. During the visit they will get to explore one of the active monasteries from inside, visit the Byzantine Church of the Virgin Mary and even explore the hidden hermit caves of Badovas. Exploring the rare natural site of the rock formations, they will get to learn about the local history, stories and traditions. Get on one of the magical spots to enjoy the most captivating sunset views of the place and click amazing pictures of the scenery.

Day Trip from Athens to Meteora by Train

The full day trip from Athens to Meteora includes transport facilities by train as tourists get the opportunity to explore this rare destination. This amazing tour package option allows visitors to explore Meteora for an entire day and learn about its traditions, history and culture from a local English speaking guide. Tourists are taken to the best viewpoints to enjoy the scenic landscape surrounding the rock formations and explore three of the main monasteries built on them. Visitors also take a trip to the Hermit caves of Badovas and visit a UNESCO world heritage site included in this package.

Full Day Private Tour to Meteora from Athens

The full day private tour to Meteora from Athens is an amazing option for the travelers who wish to experience this destination on their own schedule and with a tailored itinerary. Visitors are provided modern luxury cars with English-speaking drivers to transfer them from their stay to the tourist destination. Visitors will get to see the outer facade of all the active monasteries and then even explore three of them from the inside. During the tour visitors will get to learn about their history as well as cultural significance.

Private Meteora Day Trip from Athens by Train

This private Meteora Monasteries Tour is an amazing opportunity to visit these iconic historical structures and learn about their cultural significance. Since this is a private day trip it provides more flexibility in the itinerary and can be tailored according to the wishes of the visitor. During this trip tourists also visit the hermit caves of Baroda‘s and get to explore three of the main monasteries from inside. In addition to the pick up services and English speaking guide, tourists also get to stop for lunch at chosen places.

Attractions at Meteora

Meteora is a rare destination that provides spectacular views and an insight into one of nature's best creations. The Meteora Tour offers visitors a chance to explore the fascinating rock formations, visit the historical monasteries and explore the hidden caves and archeological sites in the vicinity. The place was once home to 24 monasteries, built during the Middle Ages by monks to keep them safe from Turk invaders, and today only six of them remain active. This place also provides clear and stunning views of the Pindos mountain range, the Buddhist mountain range in Greece. This rare rock formation also houses many amazing archeological sites that preserve the history of mankind since the ice age.

The Meteora Monasteries

The Meteora Monasteries tour is more than a religious or spiritual trip as these monasteries provide a deep insight into the history of this destination. A total 24 monasteries were built on this rare rock formation, however today only 6 of these remain active. The visitors enjoy a peaceful, magician, and extraordinarily serene experience while visiting these ancient structures during their trip to Meteora. The monasteries are surrounded by surreal landscapes and add to the already fascinating experience. Exploring the main monasteries allows tourists to learn about the history and significance of these religious centre’s, which were built in the middle ages by monks.

Ruins and Hidden Gems

The monasteries of Meteora were flourishing during the 16th century and offered a living space to the monks. However, in the mid 17th century the monasteries started to decline, falling into ruins over the next two centuries. Today these historical structures are observed as the ruined and hidden gems of Meteora. With time, most of these ruins were restored as a part of restoration campaigns, which has enabled them to become tourist sites for exploring their history. They are not active monasteries anymore, but still provide an insight into the cultural and religious history of the past centuries.

Archaeological Sites and Museums

Meteora Tour has plenty of stunning and informative archeological sites spread across the beautiful landscapes surrounding the rock formations. The place has thousands of years of history and cultural heritage that is preserved in its old ruins, caves and hidden sites across the rock formations. In addition to this there are also museums in its neighbouring regions like the Meteora Natural History Museum, that preserve the findings from this rock formation, for tourists to explore and learn about. The museum houses a wide collection of flora and fauna, giving an insight of the ecological system of this region over the centuries.

Pindos Mountain Range

The Pindos Mountain Range is the biggest mountain range in the country of Greece. Parts of this spectacular and majestic range are clearly visible from the Meteora rock formations, and some of the rock formations along with the hillside carve fascinating valleys. Tourists will also be able to catch a glimpse of the Pinios river, the longest river in Greece that flows from this Meteora region. The lush landscapes, steep slopes and deep valleys create a stunning site for visitors to enjoy from the rock formations. Tourists can also explore the range by booking Meteora hiking tours on the majestic mountain trails.

Know Before Your Go to Meteora Tour

Essential Information
Where to Stay
Where to Eat
  • How to Reach:
  • By Train: The region of Meteora is not directly connected to any major town by train. However tourists can take slow regional trains from Athens and Thessaloniki to the town of Kalambaka. This is the base town, and from here tourists will have to hike to the rock formations or can take a car.
  1. By Bus: Another amazing and affordable mode of travel for the Meteora tour is via a bus. The small town of Kalambaka at the foot of Meteora rock formations is connected to the capital city by daily bus service. Tourists can also book tour packages that include transfers of groups via the same mode to transport.

  2. By Car: Tourists can also choose to hit their own car or book a package that includes car transfers from their stay to the Meteora rock formations. This is one of the most flexible options as they can create an itinerary according to their own needs and schedule.

  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit these rare rock formations and its stunning neighbouring region is during the summer season, between June to September. The monasteries and ruins are at their best with the summer warmth being mild and tourists can enjoy hiking around even under the sun.

  • What to bring and the Meteora dress code: Tourists should carry along hiking equipment if they plan on choosing walking tours/ hiking to the rock formations. Their outfits too need to be in accordance with the dress code of the monasteries. In order to get entry into the monasteries, men are required to wear long pants and half sleeves or full sleeves shirts/ T-shirts. Women should wear long skirts with top wear that covers their shoulders all the time.

  • Kalambaka town: Kalambaka Town is nestled on the foot of the Meteora region and is the first stop in every Meteora tour. The town is connected to the major cities by train or bus, including the capital, Athens. Tousrists can look for various accommodations as the town has become an active tourist destination over the past 3 decades and most of the locals are employed in tourism services.

  • Kastraki Village: Kastraki village is a small village at the bottom of the gigantic rock formations of Meteora. This village looks like an eagles nest from afar and has offered a wide range of modern accommodations to the tourists over the years. The authentic atmosphere of village lifestyle and the unique destination of Meteora make this a great place to visit in Greece.

  • Meteora Restaurant: This taverna style restaurant is popular for its traditional and authentic Greek cuisine. It is a family run place and they serve the most delectable classic dishes such as the saganaki aubergine, veal meatballs, gigantic beans, and orange cake. They even serve slow cooked stews and casseroles for the hungry tourists.

  • Valia Calda: Valia Calda is one of the best places to enjoy the traditional Greek food with fresh and organic local ingredients. Most of the dishes are served with seasonal flavours that belong to the Thessaly region. Some of the best dishes to try here are roast black pink, beef meatballs and breaded feta with walnuts and honey.

  • Panellinion: This friendly tavern is a beautiful eatery with a big outdoor dining area to enjoy the warm days in Greece. The restaurant serves delectable Greek classics like stuffed peppers, Horiatiki salad, pastitsio and the best of all Lamb chops with roast potatoes and rice.

FAQs For Meteora Tour

Which are the best Monasteries in Meteora?

  • The Monastery of Great Meteoron: This holy monastery is located on a unique cliff formation of a gigantic rock in the stunning landscapes of Meteora and is also known as the monastery which remains ‘suspended in the air’. There is a museum inside the monastery along with a stunning 16th century church.

  • The Monastery of Varlaam: This historical monastery was first started in the mid 14th century and then again restored in the 16th century. During their Meteora Monasteries tour, visitors will find remains of the old pulley system that was used to pull up the monks and visitors. In addition to this they will also get to explore the monastery’s beautiful chapel, the old water storage system and much more.

  • The Monastery of Rousanou: The Roussanou monastery is built on a lower elevation compared to the rest of the monasteries in Meteora. The small and cozy monastery today is home to around 15 nuns and offers a very peaceful experience to the visitors on their Meteora monasteries tour. The monastery looks like it has been carved out of the cliff it is built on as it covers the entire area.

Which are the best archaeological sites and museums in Meteora?

  • The Natural History and Mushroom Museum: The Natural History and Mushroom Museum is one of the best places to visit during the Meteora tour. The museum houses the largest collection of flora and fauna in the region, aging from the ice age till today. It also has a special mushroom museum inside, which is one of its kind in the history of this region.

  • The Meteora Digital Projection Center: The modern technology and 3D printer in this unique space offers a vibrant experience with Mythology and history shows. Visitors learn about the history of the popular monasteries, history of Meteora and more.

  • Old Habitation of Kastraki Village: This stunning settlement is part of a wider settlement, and offers visitors a great architectural treat during their Meteora Tour. The settlement preserves the old urban design and creates an atmosphere of authentic culture and architecture established in the region throughout centuries.**

What are the best things to do in Meteora?

  • Hiking in Meteora: One of the best things to enjoy in Meteora is hiking through the abandoned monasteries and ruins as well as the lesser known sites. The unique rock formations provide for a very amazing view and also offer a thrilling experience to those who select to hike in this region.
  • Tour of the Monasteries: Meteora has plenty of amazing historical structures which are home to the monks and nuns of this region. These historical monist trees are a standing example of the city‘s history and cultural as well as religious heritage. The monasteries are built on the cliffs that are part of the rock formations and therefore are a unique site themselves.
  • Enjoy local cuisine: Located on the foothills of this unique rock formation is the small town of Kalambaka which offers visitors a vibrant chance of tasting local dishes and flavours. Tourists will find plenty of restaurants which serve fresh organic ingredients fashioned into some of the most electable local dishes of greek Cuisine.

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Where is Meteora?

Meteora is a unique rock formation settlement nestled in the heart of Greece which offers tourists a vibrant experience amidst nature’s peculiar creations. It is also home to one of the largest groups of orthodox Greek monasteries, preserving the history and culture of this region.

What is special about Meteora?

Meteora is a rare settlement occurring naturally and with vibrant surroundings. It also has been home to Orthodox Greek monasteries for past centuries, which offer the tourists deep insight into the history, religious heritage and cultural traditions.

How many steps are there in Meteora monasteries?

Every monastery has different numbers of steps, however, the average number of steps ranges between 100 to 300.

Is there any dress code to go to the monasteries?

Yes, the men have to wear full length pants and half or full sleeve T-shirts/shirts and it is not allowed to wear anything sleeveless be it a shirt or T-shirt. To get inside monasteries, the women are supposed to wear long skirts and top wear that covers their shoulders all the time.

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