Meteora Hiking

Meteora Hiking Tour

The Meteora Hiking Tour provides tourists with stunning views of the rock forest and the chance to explore the monasteries that have witnessed centuries of history. The hiking tour is actually the best way to explore the UNESCO world heritage site of Greece that is one of nature's most beautiful phenomena and creations.

Visitors who choose to explore the rare destination via hiking, get to see the hidden spots, caves, and trails buried amidst the cliffs. Some of these trails are known only to the locals and offer the chance to explore the abandoned monasteries as well as the ruins that once housed the religious community of Meteora. The breathtaking views of the gigantic rocks that seem to be floating mid air and the stunning countryside surroundings are perfect backdrops for photographers and tourists who enjoy the proximity of nature. Away from the crowds and city, tourists enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in the midst of nature on this hiking tour.

Meteora Hiking Tour Package

The Meteora Hiking Tour packages are best for visitors who wish to enjoy the local hidden spots and scenic trails of Meteora rock formations. With these packages they don’t have to worry about planning their own itinerary or transportation, as everything is already part of the package.

Booking the package online guarantees that visitors enjoy great deals and discounts, with exclusive offers that are available only on booking via our website. It is also more convenient as visitors don’t have to wait in any long queues or stand for hours and the entire booking process can be done from the comfort of their home.

Tips for Meteora Hiking Tour

  • Make sure to arrive on time as the tour strictly follows a schedule and offers daily departures.
  • Always remember to wear proper hiking shoes or sports shoes instead of sandals and flip flops.
  • The monasteries require visitors to follow a dress code: full length pants and no sleeveless shirts/T-shirts for men, long skirts and top wear that cover the shoulders for women.
  • Do carry some snacks and water bottles along with yourself for the hike.
  • Always wear sunscreen to avoid sunburns and carry a light backpack for easy climbing during the Meteora Hiking tour.

Other Meteora Hiking Tour Packages

Meteora Private Hiking Tour

This private Meteora hiking tour is perfect for those who wish to explore the stunning rock formations and its hidden gems on their own schedule. The private hiking tour begins from the foothills of Doupiani rock, beneath the old ruins of Pantokrator monastery. They will get to explore the renovated Ypapanti monastery as well as the Great Meteoron or Varlaam monastery, depending on the time of their visit. The hike through the Meteora forests is a great experience amidst the lush green landscapes where visitors are also taken to the lesser known spots of the cliffs.

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Hiking and Scramble Tour of Great Saint

The Hiking and Scramble Tour of the Great Saint is another one of the intriguing and exciting things to do in Meteora. The trip begins at Kalambaka, the base town, and leads hikers up to the rock of the great saint, the highest cliff in the Meteora rock formations. The trail will lead the tourists 400 metres above the small settlement, on a cliff that is 630 metres high. For the comfort and safety of the tourists, ropes are used to secure the exhilarating path that is affixed to the cliffs and winds up high to the top.

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Hiking Meteora’s Hermit Caves

This Meteora hiking tour package takes the travelers on a trip to the Hermit Caves - the hidden gems of Meteora. The trail begins from the small beautiful village of Kastraki, as visitors continue their climb to the rock pillar called Aghio Pnevma (Holy Spirit). This 3 hour experience also includes exploring the monk prisons where disobedient monks were expelled and locked. In addition to this tourists also get to visit the cave chapel which is dedicated to the Holy Spirit, the hermit cave of St. George of Mandilaras.

Know Before You Book Meteora Hiking Tour

Essential Information
Highlights of Meteora Hiking Tour
Inclusions Of Meteora Hiking tour
  • Starting Time of the hike: 8:30 AM
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Maximum people allowed: 12
  • Minimum age requirement: 7 years
  • Distance covered: 7 km
  • Maximum elevation gain: 200 meter
  • Visitors will get to enjoy the thrilling hike of the Meteora rock formations, exploring the hidden spots and tranquil scenery along the way.
  • Hiking through the stunning forests of Meteora will offer the visitors a peaceful experience amidst nature and lush green landscapes.
  • Visit the very famous renovated Ypapanti Monastery which is open from April to October in your Meteora Hiking Tour.
  • The hiking tour provides amazing spots and backdrops for photographers to capture in their lens.
  • Explore the Great Meteoron or Varlaam monastery, two prominent monasteries.
  • A professional English speaking guide who is familiar with the cliffs and mountains.
  • Water bottles for the hike trails to keep hydrated on the way.
  • Transfers from and to by luxury mini buses.
  • Taxes and service fees included in the package

FAQs For Meteora Hiking Tour

What are the best things to do in Meteora?

  • Hiking Tours in Meteora: The Meteora Hiking Tour is a great way to explore the beautiful cliffs, monasteries and the hidden spots like the hermit caves of Greece. The Meteora forest offers lush landscapes and peaceful trails for hikers to enjoy during their visit.

  • Watching surreal sunsets: With its breathtaking scenery and even more mesmerizing sunsets, visitors who are wondering what else there is to do in Meteora besides trekking and exploring the monasteries are in for a treat. The monoliths are home to century-old buildings that look even more stunning as the sun sets.

  • Tours of the Monasteries: Meteora which was once home to 24 historical monasteries, is now left with only 6 active monasteries housing renowned monks. Tourists from around the world visit the unique rock structures to explore the religious, cultural and historical landmarks, learning about this region's heritage.

Which monasteries do we visit inside on our tours?

  • Ypapanti Monastery
  • The Great Meteoron Monastery
  • Varlaam Monastery

How long is the hike to Meteora?

The Meteora hiking tour lasts for about 5 hours during which tourists get to explore the lush green forests of Meteora, the renovated Ypapanti monastery, The Great Meteoron Monastery and the picturesque scenery of the unique cliff formations.

Is Climbing Meteora difficult?

Meteora is not a very difficult hike and can also be traveled by beginners, who are focused mentally and are in good physical health. Visitors are accompanied by expert guides who will help them throughout the hike.

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What is Meteora famous for?

Meteora is known for its unique rock formations and historical monasteries. The stunning tourist destination is popular among adventure seekers and tourists who wish to experience the countryside Greece with a more natural scenery.

What is the best time for hiking Meteora?

The best time to enjoy the Meteora Hiking tour is in the summer season, starting early in the morning. The weather is pleasant and visitors get to enjoy the lush landscapes under the warm summer sun of Greece.

How much time do you need for the Meteora Tour?

Tourists are advised to spend at least two days exploring all the monasteries and hidden spots on their Meteora tour. The best way to do so is by a combination of driving and walking/ hiking through the rare rock formations.

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