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Touring the active monasteries, hiking through the thrilling rock formations and watching stunning sunsets are some of the few amazing things to do in Meteora. The unique rock formations are one of the most adventurous as well as historically significant destinations in Greece where one can indulge in plenty of upbeat fun activities. The enthralling landscapes of Meteora provide for a great view while you engage yourself in thrilling Meteora activities like hiking and rock climbing in rock formations. Another interesting activity in which most of the tourists like to indulge themselves are hiking around the ruins of the remains of the monasteries that once opened their doors for monks and nuns in the Middle Ages. Tourists who like adventure cannot miss river rafting experience either, as the Pinios River flows through the wondrous rock formations with panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. Visitors can also spend the time at Kalambaka at the foothills of Meteora, enjoying authentic local flavours in delectable dishes and drinks. To learn more about the history of this region tourists can also explore the National Museum of Meteora which houses a unique collection of flora and fauna in its premises.

Tour the 6 Monasteries of Meteora

The tour of the monasteries of Meteora is one of the most amazing and fascinating Meteora activities to enjoy during the trip. These beautiful structures built on the massive monolith leave the visitors in awe of how the monks built them with their hands in the middle ages. During this trip, visitors get to explore six prominent monasteries including The Great Meteoron Monastery, The Holy Trinity Monastery and The Varlaam Monastery.

Witness Sunsets at Meteora

Tourists who wonder what to do in Meteora besides hiking and touring the monasteries are in for a treat with its stunning landscapes and even more unique sunsets. The monoliths are occupied by century old structures that appear more beautiful in the light of the setting sun. The majestic hillside and the towering rock formations appear to be closer to heaven as the sun buds goodbye and this scene makes a perfect setting for photographers visiting Meteora.

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Hike Through the Monasteries and Monoliths

While most tourists often take only day trips to this fascinating destination, it is best experienced by staying there amidst the beautiful ruins and natural scenery. Meteora is just a short drive from Athens and Thessaloniki, with plenty of sites for hiking, including the abandoned monasteries and ruins, which are often the lesser visited sites. Some of these monasteries are completely off the road and can be reached only after a short hike, making them the perfect destination for adventure lovers visiting Meteora.

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Do Not Miss Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is not a new addition to Meteora activities, as this was the only way monks and locals could reach the monasteries built on the monoliths. However, today it is more of an adventure and recreational activity than a necessity. The site is suitable for both beginners and experts to enjoy the activity and fulfil their adrenaline rush while enjoying the views that surround them.

Go for a Food & Wine Tasting Tour

Meteora is more than a fascinating destination for sightseeing or a historical attraction as UNESCO World heritage site. There are so many fun and relaxing things to do in Meteora including food and wine tasting tours. The small town of Kalambaka nestled on the foothills of the Meteora rock formations has some of the most amazing restaurants, with authentic Greek food made with local ingredients and seasonal flavours. The visitors can also try homemade pies and honey which is made by the monks living in the active monasteries.

River Rafting at Pinios River

Another adventure activity added to the list of things to do in Meteora is river rafting. The Pinos River flows close to the rock formations in Meteora and offers the tourists a fun and thrilling experience. The river runs along for 8 km and offers a grade two or three difficulty levels in the season of spring and autumn.

Visit Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a unique venue in Meteora and is combined with the even more peculiar Mushroom Museum in the tour. The museum houses around 300 animals that are preserved for keeping on display, to give a deep insight into the past and present of Europe. The mushroom museum is a cool location with 250 different kinds of mushrooms on display. This place sheds light on the apt weather conditions and perfect climate, suitable for mushrooms.

Enjoy Local Life in Kalambaka

Kalambaka or Kalabaka is set on the foothills of Meteora and is the venue for many amazing things to do in Meteora. The city is the first step tourists take in the Meteora tour and offers them a unique experience of Greek culture. Visitors can explore this city on foot, taking peaceful walks and soaking in the beauty of the Greek countryside. From food tours to tasting wine, there is plenty to indulge in this small town.

Try the Via Cordata

The Via Cordata is a cross between via ferrata and traditional mountaineering in which you walk around the cliff with the help of rope. This is a wonderful trail for hiking, and was once a distance covered by the monks without any rope or secure equipment. Today, tourists are guided by experts and guides to the top with safe equipment on the ancient pathways. This activity attracts adventure seekers from around the world as they hike the trail for a thrilling adrenaline rush.

Hike and Scramble tour of the Great Saint

Another one of the fascinating and adventurous activities to enjoy in Meteora is the hike and scramble tour of the Great Saint. The hike starts at the base town of Kalambaka and the climb takes the travelers to the highest cliff in the Meteora rock formations - the rock of the great saint. The cliff is 630 metres high, and the trail will take the tourists 400 metres above the small town. The thrilling path is attached to the cliffs, winding up high to the top and is secured with ropes for the comfort and safety of the tourists.

Visit Monk Cave Jails

The Monk cave jails is one of the unique attractions tourists can explore during their Meteora tour. The monk jail is 14 different levels in one spire that were created to house the monks who would show disobedience to the rules of the monasteries. Each of the cells was completely isolated from the world around it and the other cells too. These cells today speak of the history and cultural traditions that prevailed in these monasteries for ages.

Explore Theopetra Prehistoric Cave

This outstanding attraction is situated 4km from Meteora and dates back to the Paleolithic age. The unique attraction is a popular archeological site that speaks of the history of humans who occupied the caves for centuries through the 130000 years of their existence. Archeologists have found a significant artifact - a wall that dates back to 23000 years old and is known to be the world’s oldest wall.

FAQs For Things to Do in Meteora

What are the adventurous things to do in Meteora?

  • Hiking through the rock formations: Hiking through the various trails that are provided by the natural rock formations and its wonderful surroundings is one of the many adventure Meteora activities that attract thrill seekers from around the world. As the hikers reach the top of the cliffs they are greeted by the most stunning views of their life.
  • Rock climbing: A great adventure activity for the thrill seekers wondering what to do in Meteora - rock climbing was once the only way to get to these historical monasteries. Today this is a recreational activity that is enjoyed by tourists with correct gear and equipment under expert guides of Meteora.
  • River Rafting: The Pinios is one of the most beautiful rivers that flow through the surreal landscapes of Greece. This river also touches the Meteora rock formations, running 8km long for tourists to enjoy a fun experience of river rafting.

What is the best way to explore Meteora and how much time do I need?

The best way to explore Meteora is by combining driving and walking. There are plenty of things to do in Meteora which require the visitors to be on foot, such as hiking, rock climbing, exploring the ruins of monasteries located off the road and more. The rock formations cover a few square kilometres and it is best to experience this wondrous place by spending at least two days here. Explore the active monasteries, enjoy the delectable food joints at the foothills and indulge in the thrilling activity of river rafting.

How much time do you need to explore Meteora?

Exploring Meteora with all of its beautiful monasteries, ruins, viewpoints, trails and scenery requires at least two days.

What is so special about Meteora?

Meteora is a group of unique rock formations that are one of nature's beautiful creations. These cliffs house ancient monasteries and many stunning trails that offer visitors surreal scenery to enjoy. The unique destination is also perfect for hiking, rock climbing and river rafting in addition to historical tours of the monasteries and museums.

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Is there any public bus from Kalambaka to Meteora?

Yes, there are public buses available for tourists from Kalambaka to Meteora during the months of April to October. However, these buses only operate one way and do not provide hop on hop off tours for the travelers.

How is the hiking experience in Meteora?

Meteora has plenty of hiking trails, offering various attractions on the way to explore. Visitors can enjoy hiking the cliffs to experience a beautiful panoramic view of the Greek countryside or take the hiking tour to explore the abandoned monasteries and ruins. There are also several cave trails for tourists to hike and enjoy the scenic views on the way.

What is the best time for a Meteora Tour?

With plenty of outdoor activities and things to do in Meteora, summers are the best season for exploring these unique rock formations. The weather is warm but pleasant and the days offer great scenery while exploring the cliffs.

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